I haven’t felt like blogging for a while. Friends warned of a third lockdown after Christmas, but the extra gloomy days of January and February still came as a shock. With writing mojo buried deep in a cellar, it wasn’t that I couldn’t find the key – more I didn’t want to look for it.


Someone I know decided to give up thought for Lent.  Brilliant idea! That so chimes with me and helps explain
the comfort provided by a frenzy of knitting.  Without any recipients in mind, I challenged myself with tricky patterns as therapy. They helped me focus on the one task in hand, particularly when the above shawl grew to over 800 stitches. 

With the media apparently intent on digging up mud and slinging it indiscriminately, and with a new Covid variant on the rampage, too much thought was unhelpful.  But who was I kidding?  Knitting was only
another form of re-directing thoughts. It wasn’t giving up thought. Thought has to go somewhere.  Mindfulness (the name we have invented for an ancient spiritual discipline) is the ability to be NOT engaged in thinking – to be at peace and centred.  

There is only one way I know and the clue is in the Bible: ‘Be still and KNOW that I am God.’

True centering only happens when the mind descends into the heart and we allow ourselves to be embraced by the presence of God:

Knitting does help me to be in the here and now. It is (for me anyway) a most effective and creative
distraction, but it is not to be confused with true contemplation.