Blessing a Bloke

Whilst I was making my first few shawls in the early days, my sister Pauline raced ahead with designing and crafting her own prayer shapes for church. Meanwhile, her husband, Phil was caught floundering in the wake of all this scaled up single minded activity and was feeling a tad sidelined. So Pauline decided to […]

Unexpected Feedback

Since the start, I have fallen over backwards to insist there is nothing ‘magic’ about prayer shawls or shapes. And I still say that, but I want to tell you about some strange feedback from a few years ago. There was a casual conversation at a pastoral care conference with a spiritual director who led […]

St Benedict & Coronavirus

St Benedict of Nursia was no stranger to pestilence or plague, born into an age that lacked vaccines, sanitation or medicines. But as we have discovered – unusual conditions of contagion and virulence can still skew our more advanced world on its axis, tipping us into global havoc. When Benedict arrived as a student in […]

Prayer Shawl

Yes, I have – since my first knitted item aged seven, a teddy bear’s shawl. It was slow …. and carried annoying scars of mistakes. I remember how I would stand on one end and pull to make it grow faster! More skilled and hopefully more patient now, I have even fulfilled the dream of […]